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Cell phone battery charging
Jul 25, 2017

For the "activation" problem of lithium batteries, there is a lot of saying that the charging time must exceed 12 hours, repeated three times sufficient charge and discharge, in order to activate the battery. This "the first three time charge to charge more than 12 hours", is for rechargeable batteries in the 1990 s, has the kind of nickel cadmium battery memory effect at the time, need full to ensure that the battery capacity. The phone USES a lithium-ion battery, which has no memory effect and can be filled in 2-3 hours. If the first three charges of a new battery can reach up to 12 hours or more, that can cause a lot of damage to the battery, potentially causing the battery to swell and even burn. Thanks to the phone and charger, there are protective circuits, which are automatically cut off when charged to 100%, and will not be charged on the charger. However, it is better to remove the charger so that the battery can be overcharged in case of a problem with the charger, which can cause serious damage to the battery material and affect the battery's capacity and life. [1] usually, the charging method introduced on the phone's manual, is the standard charging method for the phone. 

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