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Cell phone battery is not charged
Jul 25, 2017

I. mobile phone problem 

The mobile phone itself has a charging problem, which requires the phone to be taken to a designated national warranty point to detect and repair. 

The first thing to know for sure is that the phone is a problem. With the same type of good mobile phone batteries and chargers substitution to try, if you are in your own charger case with others into your cell phone batteries, still won't do, then try the charger with others together, the result or not, that is your own mobile phone internal problems, it will be sent to you repair! 

2. Problem of charger 

If use the substitution method mentioned above, replace with other charger after you can fill in, it is your own charger is broken, if there is a warranty to repair to the warranty, if you don't have sent him to pay you this brand mobile phone after-sales service points called factory to help you. Because the manufacturer is relatively clear to own product, the maintenance respect will be guaranteed, do not take casually to the street stall shop to repair. 

Battery problems 

If you can recharge your batteries with other good batteries, then you have a battery problem. If you have a problem with your cell phone battery, pull out your cell phone battery to see if you have a bulging drum. Does the metal contact position rust? If the drum is issued, then the battery core can be damaged. Or the cell cycle life of cell phone has arrived; Or the battery's protective circuit board fails. 

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