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Charging methods for cell phone batteries
Jul 25, 2017

1. Cell phone battery consists of three parts: core, protection circuit and shell. The current cell phone battery is lithium ion battery (usually referred to as lithium battery), and the anode material is lithium cobalt oxide. Standard discharge voltage 3.7 V, charging cut-off voltage 4.2 V, discharge cut-off voltage 2.75 V. The unit of charge is Wh (watt), because the standard discharge voltage of cell phone battery is 3.7 V, so it can be replaced by mAh (mAh). The conversion relationship between the two types of units on cell phone batteries is: time = Ann time x 3.7. 

2. Overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit can seriously damage the battery performance and may lead to the use of risk. For this reason, cell phone batteries generally have a thin protective circuit board designed to prevent these risks. 

3. The charger is divided into straight and seat charging. Direct current converts 220 ac city to 5V direct current, into the cell phone and the charging circuit of the cell phone is reduced to the battery, usually when the mobile phone is purchased. The seat charge is directly connected to the battery, which converts the municipal electricity to the required voltage for the battery. 

4. If you want to use seat charge, please choose the original or quality products. If the charging circuit in the seat charge is not good, there will be the risk of charging. 

5. Lithium ion battery has no memory effect, but it is inert. It has not been used for a long time and may have passivation.

Before charging, lithium batteries do not need special discharge. Some quick chargers are full of 90 percent when instructing a signal to change, and the charger automatically changes with slow charging to fill the battery. But generally, as long as the display is full, you can take it off. 

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