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How to distinguish genuine Sony battery?
Nov 27, 2017

First, the anti-counterfeiting mark to distinguish true and false

SONY batteries in the packaging attached to a piece of SONY security signs, which is the difference between true and false battery is a very obvious place: True battery three-dimensional sense of security signs is quite strong, as we are now using the ID card surface, and fake batteries in general There is no three-dimensional, fonts are more vague, and some even arranged missing.

Second, observe the printing quality to distinguish between true and false

In addition to observing the logo, you can also identify the authenticity of the printing quality of the battery surface. True font size of the print font size equal, and can be clearly read; and fake battery printing fonts will suddenly thinner, blurred. There is to see "qualified" label affixed to the location, really Sony battery "qualified" label is below the battery, fake battery "qualified" label appears above the battery.

Third, observe the logo to distinguish true and false

When you buy Sony batteries can be observed when the battery surface of the factory logo, including the "SONY" and "infoLITHIUM" logo and product type markings. Sony original battery surface logo clear and accurate, the back of the battery black and white "SONY" logo behind there? Some fake batteries are not. If the above logo deformation, font error or obscure, will be fake no doubt.

Fourth, observe the battery packaging quality

The outer surface of the battery pack is smooth and smooth, while the fake battery packs are rough and uneven on the bottom. The plastic case of the true battery is angular with the shape of the battery. The plastic case of the fake battery has no edges and corners. Finally, to remind consumers to buy SONY batteries must be polite eyes, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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