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How to distinguish true and false Samsung batteries
Nov 22, 2017

How to distinguish true and false Samsung batteries?

1. Details of the appearance of contrast

Samsung i9220 phone is usually the original battery contact chip and fake battery is obviously more shiny, fake battery chips dull, as shown below:

Another fake battery edge work is also very general, if you see the real battery, and then carefully look at the fake battery, the fake battery edge can generally see a glitch, work is not so good.

2.Look at the bottom of the battery luster

Look at the bottom of the machine battery, the bottom of the real battery bright and uniform reflection, and the bottom of the fake battery usually shiny, the gap is obvious.

3. Look at the battery QR code

Samsung mobile phone battery QR codes have a common point in the upper left corner of the two-dimensional code has a seemingly digital "6" of the blank area, and many fake batteries will imitate the two-dimensional code in the small mistakes, it is a coincidence I really hands in the fake two-dimensional code imitation of the code is really in place, really hard, so now look at the two-dimensional code may also be difficult to tell, but still there are still many ways to find problems

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