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How to identify iPhone6 Plus headset true and false
Nov 08, 2017

How to identify iPhone6 Plus headset true and false?

1, iPhone6 high imitation earphone microphone a little longer, the microphone head end of the headset on the winding box clockwise around half a circle, just put the microphone into the microphone, then the original. Grow about 1 cm fake headphones. This method is only one of them, there may be better fine imitation iPhone6 headphone cable length the same

2, Apple headphones have always been excellent workmanship, contrast can be seen headphone head, headphone bass hole near the rubber sleeve work perfectly with the headphone port parallel not concave not convex.

3, the headphone plug obvious fake headphones, the real goods gap is not obvious, while the real thing can clearly see a small circle

4.Fake imitation headphones can not imitate the bass effect, cover the bass hole, the bass disappears, the sound changes for the original. If the sound does not change must be fake. So this point is the most effective and authoritative identification method, if you are not good at identifying, download bass music cover bass hole or let you feel relaxed.

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