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How to identify Samsung S5 original battery true and false
Nov 01, 2017

How to identify Samsung S5 original battery true and false?

1, Samsung original battery and the fuselage, there will be an unusual smell of sandalwood (I think it is called a plastic smell seems more accurate). Group of electricity, false electricity is not the smell;

2, Samsung original battery on the back of four raised small dots, the shape of each small dot is like a half of the ball on the surface of the battery, the diameter of about 1 mm. While the group of electricity, fake four dots large and flat;

3, the original battery with the phone in the groove with a 1-1 1-2 words, the digital height of 1-2 mm, and the digital color shiny. There is no figure, even if there is, the height of the number will be significantly greater than 2 mm

4, Samsung original battery surface after matte treatment, and feel smooth, delicate; and the assembly of the battery surface matte handle feel very jerky;

5, Samsung original battery label on the "CE" symbol, than its right forked trash can be high height of the graphic symbol; original battery at the bottom of the three prominent teeth, composed of plane and surface, and the plane and The surface is clear, the surface of the tooth surface than the battery surface rough, similar to the orange peel. And the group of electric teeth is a lot of smooth, tooth surface smooth, bright;

6, Samsung original battery bar code, type (Model) using the second printing process, hand touch has a clear sense of concavity, the battery tilted look, the bar code color is significantly darker than other places. And the assembly of the battery bar code printing and label printing, no bump, and bar code is not clear

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