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How to Spot Fake Apple Accessories
Jul 05, 2018


To avoid the safety hazards to your and your device,

it’s recommended that you only buy first-party Apple or certified accessories.

But, unless you’re getting your charger or power brick directly from Apple or an Authorized Reseller — or you’re purchasing an Apple-certified device from another outlet — then you’re prone to get a knockoff instead.

If you’re looking at accessories from third-party retailers, or if you already have an accessory you’re not sure about, here’s everything you need to know to figure out if it’s a fake or not.

MFi Program

Your first step should be to expect your accessory’s packaging. Apple’s packaging is pretty distinct, so you shouldn’t have issues there.

But first-party Apple accessories aren’t your only option. There’s a wide range of “MFi” accessories manufactured by third parties that have been vetted by Apple and are specifically meant to work with its products.

These devices and accessories will have one of the following logos on their packaging.

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