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How to Tell if a Samsung Charger Is Real
Oct 17, 2017

How to Tell if a Samsung Charger Is Real?

Using a third-party charger for any smartphone can have negative repercussions, including anything from poor charging speed to overheating. To tell the difference between a real Samsung charger and a fake one, you'll have to examine details such as the location of the USB outlet, the voltage output, and the print font. If you identify your charger as fake, you can find an authentic one from a reputable Samsung dealer.

1.Assess your charger's quality. In general, verified Samsung chargers don't have any rough plastic edges, unsightly print, or crooked/dented USB inputs or outputs.

  • You can also usually tell if a charger is real by attempting to charge your phone. Fake chargers take much longer than the Samsung-standard 30 minutes to charge your phone to 50 percent, and they often heat up quickly.

    2.Make sure the charger's writing isn't on a plug-in side. If your charger's writing is on the same side as the plug, your charger is a fake.

  • Some Samsung chargers place the charger's information on the same side as the USB port.

3.Find the "UL" logo on the back of the charger. This should be in the lower left quadrant of the charger; the logo resembles a "UL" surrounded by a circle. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, which is a safety organization tasked with maintaining safety standards for all marketplace technology. If your charger doesn't have a UL logo, you shouldn't use it.

4.Find the USB output. If it's on a short side of your charger, your charger is authentic.

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