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Proof of cell phone battery
Jul 25, 2017

Try to use the original battery

The use of the original battery is the most important one. In the past few years, nokia has claimed that more than 20 cell phone battery explosions have occurred in the world, and none of these have been triggered by original batteries. It can be seen that the battery security provided by a third party is very low, so try not to use third-party batteries. If you have to use it, choose a third-party battery that has the best brand reputation.

Do not use broken batteries

A damaged battery can explode, and even if it doesn't explode, it can damage the phone and short-circuit the device, so don't use broken batteries.

Use original charger as much as possible

Original charger can ensure battery safety. Compatible chargers can also be used, but some of them can damage the battery and cause an explosion.

Don't change your phone at will

Improperly modified mobile phones can easily trigger a cell phone explosion. Mobile phone is a kind of precision communication equipment, in the design, the manufacturer will carry out rigorous research on its safety, electrical performance is also the best. However, when modified, all this will change, and it will be easy to cause the phone to explode.

Do not put the battery in high temperature

Higher temperatures will cause the battery heat, extremely easy explosion at this moment, so the battery recharged or cell phone, must choose far away from high temperature, also should avoid direct summer sunlight.

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