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The correct use of cell phone charger
Jul 25, 2017

Mobile phone chargers can be divided into travel chargers, mount chargers and maintenance chargers, usually the first two. Sold on the market the most is to visit the charger, visit the charger to have varied, common a duck egg type of the cheap miniature brigade charge, usually desktop card board type charger, high-end desktop charger with LCD appeared.

All mobile phone chargers are controlled by a safe power supply (first regulated power supply, supply safe operation voltage and meet current) combined with necessary constant current and pressure limiting, such as time limit control circuit. Output parameters marked on the original charger (the line charge) : for example, output 4.4 V / 1A, output 5.9 V / 400mA... It refers to the parameters of internal stable power supply. Understand this, you will know a (good quality) phone charger is very simple to change to a good stable voltage power supply! For example, 4.4.v can be used for 4.5 V equipment, and 5.9 V can be used for 6V equipment...

Commonly used cell phone lithium ion (li - ion battery charger chosen is constant current charging pressure limiting system, selection of charging current usually C2 - around two hours charge rate, for example 500 mah battery choose 250 ma charge again after about two hours to reach 4.2 V constant voltage charging.

Lion battery is not used in the appropriate chooses high-grade hurtling NIMH battery charger - DV/DT to the rapid charging way to detect, as the lion battery charging current there are severe constraints. Lithium-ion (Li +) is very lively, risk of suffering a large current charging is very simple.

When charging your phone for the first time, take as long as possible -- three hours is good. Avoid overcharging. Overshoot the battery to more than 100. Due to the lithium battery overcharge danger, if you use the "charger" will overcharge, and bought the device "quality rough lithium battery protection circuit board", when the charge is waiting for the fire! Do not expose the battery to high temperature or cold, like three days, should not leave the cell phone in the car, weather the sun exposure; Or take the air-conditioned room and place it in a cool air. 

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