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The first battery charge
Jul 25, 2017

1, 12-14 hours: the origin of the first generation of the nickel cadmium battery, is the need for a small charge ratio, the general recommendation 1/10 c charging current, such as your battery capacity is 600 mah, then 1 c is 600 ma, 1/10 is 60 ma c. Therefore, it takes more than 10 hours to fill the battery, and it is good for nickel-cadmium batteries. 

2, 2013 mobile phone with the battery case: all mobile phone use lithium ion battery, nearest our impression is supposed to be released in 1999, 3210, with nimh batteries, all around us already can't find out the mobile phone use nimh batteries.

3. Knowledge of lithium-ion batteries: we only talk about capacity. There are two methods for measuring the capacity of a lithium ion battery: 1C, 0.2 C; 0.2 C charge, 0.2 C, no matter what charging system, should meet the standard. Because lithium-ion batteries have been different from those used in nickel cadmium, the 1C high magnification is acceptable and must be accepted. If a 600mAh battery is charged at 1C, it should be filled for an hour or so. If the cell phone is designed in this way (many are 0.5 c-0.8 C), 12-14 hours is nonsense.

As stipulated by GB/T18287 2000 national standard, when the constant current is charged to 4.2 V and the constant voltage, when the current drops to 0.01 C, the charging terminates. For example, the charger charging current is 0.5 C, the battery of 600mAh is charged, and the charging current will be reduced to 6mAh in 2 hours, which is considered to be full. Why is it down to 0.01 C? Because it's full, it's a reflection of the core. For nimh, the national standard has also stipulated high - rate charging and discharging indicators.

4. What is "activated"? Lithium ion battery itself is "live", if the design capacity of 600 mah, although I charge 2 hours full, and then discharge, can get the capacity of 600 mah, reached the design capacity is ok, what's the live not live to be the problem? The technical supervision department carries out the national standard, the test capacity is charged by 1C, and then it is released, once the capacity is qualified. So normal use, normal charge can be used, the new battery should be used like this, don't worry about "not exciting." 

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