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The function of mobile phone charger
Jul 25, 2017

The quality seat can be used to identify lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Lithium-ion batteries on the maintenance of the circuit board has a integrated circuit to store the characteristics of the lithium battery materials, it give up her seat on the one hand can identify the lithium battery, filling with resolution "current" and "constant voltage charging form"; On the other hand, the phone can be used to identify the lithium battery, in order to discharge the method.

The charging method of nickel metal hydride battery USES "fixed current". The nickel hydride battery itself is not afraid of charging, and when the nickel hydride battery is overcharged, it will have a reverse response to prevent the voltage from rising, which will make the battery glow slightly. In addition, nimh batteries usually have a thermistor to prevent the battery from overcharging. At present, the operating voltage of most mobile phones is about 3.6 V, so it needs three metal hydride batteries. In general, the metal hydride battery core is generally charged to about 1.4 ~ 1.5v or so, and the maximum voltage of the three batteries is about 4.4 V.

Due to the risk of overcharge of lithium battery, the setting conditions for charging and discharging are more stringent than nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Lithium batteries usually attach a control board to prevent charging. , according to the features of lithium battery, charging the top section is the "current" way to recharge, and fast charge again with the rated voltage (4.1 ~ 4.2 V) charging way to make a battery to reach the best condition. On the market, there are some charge cutting, cell phone batteries are identified as nimh batteries, and the "steady current" method is used to charge, which is often simple to make lithium batteries overcharge. The quality of the circuit board will now maintain the lithium battery to prevent the charger from being continuously charged. If you encounter a faulty circuit board, you will not only fail to maintain the battery, make the battery overcharge, but also can cause the battery core to deform, leak, explosion and so on due to overcharge.

Most of the seats are charged at a rapid rate, usually over three to four hours. When the charging ends, even if the battery does not remove the battery from the seat, it is left with a very small amount of power to enter the battery.

The metal hydride battery does not have a large recall effect, it does not need to discharge frequently, and the lithium battery does not need to discharge at all. The charger that is sold on the market, its attached discharge equipment quality disambiguation. Poor quality will have a discharge appearance, easy to form inside the battery negative plate corrosion (internal nimh battery electrolyte is potassium hydroxide alkaline solution), and then cut to use the capacity of the battery life and usual. In this situation, the battery will go bad faster every time you discharge it and recharge it. Under normal conditions, the battery's optimal discharge method can only be used when the battery power is turned off and then recharged. 

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