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Charging Mode For Mobile Phone Charger
Jul 25, 2017

The most critical way to charge a battery is to charge lithium battery charging mode. 

Usually there are marks on the charger's packaging. Many chargers are compatible with two charging modes. When choosing, be aware of automatic identification or manual switch setting. If manual setting, it must be set correctly according to the type of battery charged. For nickel-cadmium/nickel-metal hydride batteries, excellent chargers can be used with pull-down charging mode to reduce the polarization effect during charging. The regular cheap charger USES constant current charging. The battery charging waveform can be observed accurately by the oscilloscope. 

The charger adopts RCC type switching power supply, i.e., oscillation inhibitory converter, which is different from PWM switching power supply. PWM switching power supply is composed of independent sampling error amplifier and dc amplifier. The RCC type switching power supply is only composed of the voltage regulator and the control process is oscillating state and inhibitory state. Because type PWM switch on and off the power switch tube is always cyclical, system control is change the pulse width of each cycle, and the control process of RCC type switching power supply is not linear continuous change, it has only two states: when the switch power supply output voltage exceeds rating, pulse controller output low level, the switch tube cut-off; When the output voltage of the switching power supply is lower than the rating value, the pulse controller outputs the high level and the switch tube leads. When load current is reduced, the filter capacitor discharge time extended, the output voltage will not reduce soon, switch tube in the cutoff state, until the output voltage drops below the rating, switch tube conduction again. The cut-off time of the switching tube depends on the load current. The guide/cut-off of the switch tube is controlled from the output voltage sample. Therefore, the power supply is also called non-periodic switching power supply.