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How Can I Know If The Samsung Battery I Bought Online Is Original?
Sep 11, 2017

How can I know if the Samsung battery I bought online is original?

Step 1

Check the battery box.

The packing box of an original battery is in good quality and can better protect the battery. Colors as well as letters on the box appear natural.

Step 2

Check the date of manufacture.

Compare the date of manufacture between battery box and battery body. For original battery, the date of manufacture printed on the battery body is the same as the date on the box.

Step 3

Inspect the NFC connector

You can see the internal NFC connector after tearing down the battery paper.

After ripping down the paper, you can find the NFC chip of a genuine battery is wrapped well. The battery surface feels plain.
The NFC chip of a faulty battery is uncovered with glue print. The battery surface feels protruded rather than plain. Also, the fake battery does not include NFC chip and with much glue prints.

Step 4

Check carefully the battery body and the cardboard gap

The fake battery packing looks inauthentic with rough, irregular and protruded cardboard edge, while the genuine battery packing surface appears trim and smooth.

The gap of the original battery cardboard is very small and it appears to be plain and trim with exquisite workmanship.

The fake battery cardboard gap looks large with rough and irregular sticking workmanship.

Step 5

Look at the battery fonts.

The OEM battery fonts are printed well with black and bold letters.

Step 6

Inspect the battery foot angle.

The foot angle of an original battery features exquisite craftship with smaller edge.

The foot angle of a fake battery seems to be larger with rough workmanship.