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Interface Standard Of Phone Charger
Jul 25, 2017

On February 18, 2009 association 17 GSM mobile operators and manufacturers announced that will set up a unified in the global mobile phone charger connection standard, plan since January 1, 2012, all listed the vast majority of mobile phone products would support a unified standard of mobile phone chargers.

The interface of the mobile phone is also unified

The standard plan USES Micro - USB for universal charging interface and saves energy of 50% when charging. Unlike the unified interface standard that China has implemented, the standard also unifies the interface of the phone's charger. While China is currently in the implementation of the standard substance is in transformer with a USB interface, mobile phone charger instead by a USB cable and the charger with a USB interface, at the end of the phone interface does not require unity. This means that the GSM association has announced a more radical change in the standard of the uniform charger interface.

The establishment of a unified standard could eliminate as much as 510, 000 tonnes of chargers, and consumers can use the same charger to charge different brands of mobile phones to reduce the burden on consumers. At the same time, as each year to produce the charger could reduce 50% energy consumption, is expected to each year in the process of manufacturing and transport charger substitutes will be reduced from 13.6 million to 21.8 million tons of greenhouse gases.