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Introduction To Mobile Phone Charger
Jul 25, 2017

Phone charger alias: mobile power supply, charging treasure, are controlled by a stable power supply (mainly regulated power supply, to provide a stable working voltage and current) combined with necessary constant current and pressure limiting, such as time limit control circuit. 

Output parameters marked on the original charger (finger line) : for example, output 5.0 V / 1A, output 5.0 V / 1500ma-11200... It refers to the relevant parameters of the internal stable power supply. Understand this, you will know a (good quality) mobile phone charger is easy to change to a good stable voltage power supply! 

Commonly used cell phone lithium ion (li - ion battery charger is using constant current limit pressure of system, charging current generally USES C2 around - that is, using two hours charge rate, such as the 500 mah battery charge with 250 ma about two hours to 4. After 2V, constant voltage charge. 

Lion is not suitable for the battery, NIMH battery senior quick charger - DV/DT detection used in the rapid charging ways, because the lion battery have strict limits on charging current. Lithium-ion (Li +) is very lively, large current charging is easy to produce risk.