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Other Charger
Jul 25, 2017

General users are exposed to two main types. Sold on the market the most is travel charger, travel charger is varied, in the form of common are cheaper duck egg type micro brigade filling, ordinary desktop card board type charger, high-end desktop charger with LCD display. Given that most mobile phone users are professional users, so the charger base has a full of automatic stop function, and most of the brigade charge belong to quick charger, charging time in 1 to 3 hours. Many chargers on the market which prides itself on microcomputer control, including some of the price is very cheap miniature brigade filling duck egg type, but strictly from the charging circuit analysis, a small part of the charger can be truly called microcomputer control (single chip microcomputer control).

Some manufacturers in the charging circuit using the integrated block is self-described "microcomputer control", actually a lot of low cost design of integrated block are cheap op-amp integrated block, and some of the special charging control integrated block unit price is higher, commonly used in high-grade or name-brand charger. So we can't be credulous about microcomputer control, especially cheap products. Many products look similar but the internal ones are different and their performance is quite different.