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The Choice Of Mobile Phone Charger
Jul 25, 2017

Choose and buy compatible phone charger also should pay attention to brand, should be the commodity that the regular manufacturer produces. Although it introduces the principle of some chargers, it is very difficult to actually recognize the charger. Even professionals, it is difficult to accurately judge the performance and quality of the charger without opening the charger and not using the test instrument. Some famous brand products, although the price will be slightly higher, but from the circuit design to the components selected are formal science, so the charging effect is more ideal for the original seat charger will see mold scale, mobile phone plug can be once in place, and homogeneous, elastic moderate resistance. For some direct charging of the battery charge, as mentioned above, the line design is reasonable. 

Generally speaking, the charger with the "CQC" certification mark is only secured. Therefore, you should try to buy products with "CQC" or other certification marks. Second, choose a charger that matches your mobile phone. Mobile phone chargers usually have two kinds of charging functions: one is to charge the battery (the charger is coupled to the battery through the electrical connector), and the other is to charge the battery through the charging seat. Before choosing, you should know the type, capacity and nominal voltage of your battery in order to choose the charger.