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Use Samsung-approved Batteries, Chargers, Accessories
Oct 23, 2017

It is recommended that you use only Samsung genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products.

The use of incompatible batteries, cables and chargers may not be safe to use and could cause damage to the device or could provide external damage. 
Use of unapproved battery may result in the battery expanding or igniting (i.e. catching fire)



Please purchase Samsung-branded batteries from reputable and approved sellers to ensure that batteries are not counterfeited. Only use Samsung-approved batteries, chargers, accessories, and supplies.


  • Using generic batteries or chargers may shorten the life of your device or cause the device to malfunction. 
    They may also cause a fire or cause the battery to explode. 

  • Use only Samsung-approved battery and charger specifically designed for your device. 
    Incompatible battery and charger can cause serious injuries or damage to your device.


Samsung cannot be responsible for the user’s safety when using accessories or supplies that are not approved by Samsung. Any damage caused by use of NON Samsung batteries is NOT covered by the warranty.



To check whether your device is original type approved by Samsung or not, Please refer the examples of following images for advice on identifying Non Samsung Origin Galaxy devices and associated Accessories 
(Some parts may be not applicable to your device). If you doubt your device, we recommend to compare suspected products with original.


 A. Battery

1) Battery Label Design of Samsung Original Batteries

  : Next images shows the layout of how a typical Samsung Original Battery label should  appear.

(Overview of Certification Mark (Certi. Mark) , Warning Design , Serial Number(S/N))




2) Different Warning Design by device types of Samsung Original Batteries


From next images, we’ve specially focused on comparison between Galaxy S5 Original and Fake devices.


3) Label

    : Label texts and warning icons are different from original.



4) Battery contact

   : The battery contacts should appear “recessed” and not protrude from the battery case.



5) Battery appearance

  * In this example, we used a Non original battery for GT-I9100 device compared against Samsung original. 



B. Device

  1-1) Rear image



1-2) Rear image in detail



2) Design



3) Appearance




C. Charger

  1) location of marking


 **Based on study, simply plugging the charger in an outlet uses an average of 0.26 watts of electricity. With a phone attached and actually charging, the number grew to 3.68 watts. This only means that even without any phone attached, the charger consumes a considerable amount of power. It recommended to unplug the charger after every use.


D. Cable



E. In Box


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